Fashion & Lifestyle: Sandi Owusu “Diva Delicious” In Focus + Photos Of Her Hand Work…

Relapse is defined as an intake of substance an individual chooses to disassociate from. Valentine’s Day seems to have taken on this persona in today’s day and age.

Love should be showcased everyday of the week in various ways. A Diva Delicious purse is the ideal item to surprise that significant other in your life.

The designer, based in Ghana is Sandi Owusu. Her upbeat personality mirrors her rare creation which is essentially a clutch purse with flowers on it.

Diva Delicious is handmade from beginning to end, the wear and tare is long lasting due its recyclable materials. This makes it cost efficient for the average individual and a smart buy for those with expensive taste who want to request a special design from Sandi Owusu.


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