A century ago, many laws and societal attitudes made women faced barriers and prejudice throughout society but today, the narrative is Changing.

Significantly, It is important for black girls to see powerful images of other black women in the media and equally important for creatives most especially African or black creatives to create imagery of the black women in a positive light.

Not only does this help the black girl to accept her blackness, but it is also important for helping them understand and authenticate their identity as Africans. The whitewashing in Hollywood and other media giants has led to the erasure of black culture and has led to a black identity crisis and self-esteem issues with more and more black people wanting European features because of its normalization and acceptance especially in the media. It is therefore up to Black creatives to create content that celebrates African identity.

Representation in fashion is a great way of overcoming black culture erasure. As seen in previous years, Caucasian features dominated the spreads and the runway. This is however slowly changing with more and more black women making a name in the industry.

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