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About Us

Emerging from the belief that fashion can be ethical in a context that did not initially believe in this ability, Diva Delicious set the tone for the emergency of a vibrant fashion that is sustainable at heart in the Ghanaian creative space.

Liaising with local producers and artists to inspiring a new breed of fashion designers that draw on raw materials made on the continent, Diva Delicious mixes the contemporary with traditional motifs – creating a trendy, but indigenous brand. It keeps it’s nascent soul but evolves to fit the ever changing styles of its place of birth, her people and others who see Africa as the cradle of human life.

Be it clothes, shoes, bags or fashion accessories ,every Diva Delicious purchase is a 100% handcrafted item steeped in a culture of creativity and sustainability that gives back to our community by empowering people and spaces to grow based on their definition of development.

Our versatile creative team is always on the look-out for inspiration that speaks to the Diva Delicious ethos of sustainable fashion. This translates for examples into fashion clutches made only from richly organic dyed straw, raffia, or bamboo grown in the Northern regions of Ghana.

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